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Why are guys like this when they date?

So my friend recently brought up a good point. She pointed out how guys are always hitting on the pretty outgoing girls yet settle down with the opposite. We obviously thought that’s unfair and annoying. Like okay thanks for wasting my time when I could’ve been with someone who isn’t intimidated by my looks and can see through my looks for my personality, because why else would they not wanna settle down w a pretty outgoing girl? Is it too much for them? Then these less attractive more conservative chicks think they have to look like a model to get guys when it seems like that’s not the case. Personally I think this is incredibly annoying because yes I am on the attractive side but I’m also more introverted and from my experience, guys would always tell me to be more outgoing. For what? Now I see it’s just for temporary fun. Not like I do what they tell me but it’s like what do you want me do then? I can only be myself, take it or leave it. But it just seems like you can never be enough these days especially as a girl. I am too attractive for some guys and then I am too quiet for others. So confusing. How can I get a guy by being introverted but when they come to me cause I’m attracted they’ll eventually leave soon because they can’t be with a pretty girl. This is what our other guy friend was saying.
Why are guys like this when they date?
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