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I'm falling for my FWB/Ex's brother. What can I do to prevent this?

My ex and I broke up a few weeks ago after he physically assaulted me and got arrested. We were together for a year and he had never once laid a hand on me, but the last month we were together he was very abusive. I moved into a new place and I've been living my life to the fullest since.
At first when I messaged his brother, I'll admit, I wanted revenge. We met up the following weekend and ended up hooking up. We agreed to keep it on the DL and keep hooking up. Every weekend, we've hooked up since. He'll pick me up, or I'll drive to his place and we stay the night together. I've honestly been having the best sex of my life with him and I find we have a lot in common. But there's one issue: he's my ex's brother.
He told me we can never date and that nobody can know. Someone had spotted us together a while ago and his mom found out. She apparently told him that if anyone in the family found out that it would cause a huge shitshow.
He sent me a message a week ago saying, "I really enjoy hooking up with you and spending time with you, but you know we can't date, right? My family would freak. I don't need that drama in my life, but I definitely want to keep hooking up. We just need to keep it a secret."
We've hooked up again since the message, but this time I'm getting the feels. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to cut him off because our sex is amazing, but if I continue seeing him, I'm worried I'll get sucked in and he won't like that. I want him to falls for me but I know that probably won't happen.

Also, his family DOES like me. They've been very supportive of me since my breakup with their son and we talk regularly. I consider them to be part of my family. They just don't want the two of us dating because if my ex or his other brothers found out they would be livid.
I'm falling for my FWB/Ex's brother. What can I do to prevent this?
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