2 mo

Is he really interested in me?

I dated a guy since five months. He has two jobs and we rarely see each other. Every month, we see each other from time to time.
I noticed that he talked less to me.
I know that he’s friends with his ex.
Recently, he told me he had bpd.
Because of the many changes in his life, he tells me that he doesn’t feel good and stress a lot.
He wants to get consult and find a way to help himself.
He doesn’t want me to suffer from his bpd.
He felt a lot of pressure being with me and wanted to stop for "the moment".
He still sees his ex and his other friends.
He talks to me when I need to.
He says that he still want me to get news from him and ask me how I feel.
He told me that when school starts again, we will see each other again..
Do you think he’s interested or not?
Is he really interested in me?
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