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Accidentally got a text meant for his gf? Legit or fishy?

got a text from my supervisor (whom flirts with me) at work (during working a shift together) I got the first text just after starting my shift.

Him : Hi any plans for this week? :)
Me : I'm not sure yet waiting for the rota , why? (He manages the rota btw)
Him: you know why
Me: do I? I think I do but I'm not sure
Him: I can do Tuesday or Wednesday
Me: don't mind either

No further response and I don't text again. Next day I see him at work everything is normal nothing is mentioned.
Two more days pass and I'm finishing my shift at work. Me and the other ladies are going for a drink after work.
Another supervisor (older female) tells me to meet her later as she needs to talk with the guy supervisor. Both of them go to talk in the office (I'm getting my stuff together) Just before I'm about to leave he comes rushing over and says "oh those texts the other day. I'm seeing a girl with the same name as you, I texted you by mistake sorry so embarrassing" he does an awkward smile. I fake laugh and say it's ok I was just confused. Then he calls to the other supervisor (whos too far away to hear him) "she didn't find it funny" Sorry for the length of this but I just wondered if you think it sounded legit mistake or fishy?

P. s another co-worker who knows nothing about this misunderstanding said he'd seen his girlfriend and her name was totally different, plus she's French like him. Makes me think they'd text in French.. but I don't know
Accidentally got a text meant for his gf? Legit or fishy?
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