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Girl reactivated her okcupid account after our first date. Seems like a terrible sign lol?

Met online, she deactivated her account shortly after giving me her number. Said she was tired of it. We texted for a bit, then she fell off. Texted me again after a few weeks. Was a bit funnier that time, and she agreed to go on a date. We talked on the phone 2 times before that for 10 mins during the week.

First date went well. I feel like I killed it, nice italian place. We had common interests and there was a bit of flirting. No awkward silences. She mentioned I was handsome in our texts. But I fucked up at the end, we walked down the street after the date and I didn't use that as a chance to get close, we just talked and walked back to our cars. Then when it came time for the kiss I fucked up again. Her body language was off, and I was a bit nervous, didn't go for the kiss, gave her a hug... I always go for the kiss but it was too late..., said I had a good night and told her to text me when she got home safe. I texted when I got home and said I had a great time, thanks for being good company. She texted back letting me know "I got home! Thank Youuu"

I texted her the next day and set up a second date. I guessed what she would order the night before and she said I would win something, should have used that for a kiss, but hindsight. I suggested my prize was a second date. We agreed for the next Friday night. We are going to a romantic garden light show and a late dinner, so I will definitely not make the same mistake twice.

I texted her yesterday after we decided what to do. "I was looking forward it. Think you're really gonna like this place." she texted back "Same here!"

But then signed into the site I met her the other day, and her profile was active again, with a lot more sexy pics. So now I'm not getting my hopes up for that actual date to happen, but we'll see. I mean I'm still dating others and have my account too, but just didn't seem like a good sign. What do you think am I totally fucked here? I think I can turn it around if she comes out though.
Girl reactivated her okcupid account after our first date. Seems like a terrible sign lol?
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