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Guy scared of losing his freedom?

Been getting to know this guy for 4+ months, we’re really close friends, can’t keep our hands off each other, he trusts and cares for me a lot & we have such a strong emotional connection.

However, recently I was a little bit needy due to my own insecurities (only for a week) although I finally realised it & voiced it to the guy apologising for being a bit needy & explaining why I’ve acted the way I have.

He told me i I didn’t need to apologise but we later went on to have a conversation about where this is going & he told me he’s just wanting to enjoy himself for a little bit, when I asked if he was looking for a friends with benefits situation he said he’s not looking for anything and he’s not the sort of person to sleep around. (He’s quite insecure)

When asked what he meant by enjoying himself he said ‘doing his own thing.’ I replied saying that I understand and get it and that it’s most probably best that he take some space to get himself sorted. (He’s currently going through something emotionally which means he’s not in the right headspace for something serious)

I plan on carrying on with my life regardless and dating other guys, however, part of me deep down hopes he changes his mind. Is this usual for guys to get cold feet and worry about losing their freedom when they feel like things could be getting serious? Also have I done the right thing in this situation by telling him he should take some space away from us.
Guy scared of losing his freedom?
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