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So I'm 19y. o girl y'all may not believe this but I have never been in a relationship and didn't even known I was in one... it's not like I dont want but I'm so afraid and stupid in such things... one time when i was 14-15y. o or something I told that for a group of girls we are not close to each other but we was telling each other random problems and stuff so I told them that I never dated someone or even touched a man so one of them told me about that boy and she speak with him I don't know what she told em but he was nice at first and we was having fun laughing and telling jokes whatever after few weeks he started to call me with sweets words , telling them that he with me and I'm his girlfriend... I didn't even know that we in relationships or something I was shook and scared what should be my reaction... please dont say im too childs or stupid I'm not used to anything like that :( ... anyway I was too scared so I agreed with whatever he said until after... he started to become too racist *btw I'm not from the same country as them* ... and harsh to me in front of other people making fun of me... I didn't know what I have to do so I told that girl "the boy friend" what he have done and she said it's not problem it's just me not used to get in relationships fights and such things happen I told her that I'm not even in relationships i didn't even touch him she said that's my problem I never understand I'm already in one he will do it... i thought Its like jail or something all I can do was trying my best until he becomes really annoying and hurt me and tried to touch me in places I didn't feel comfortable so I run away every time I saw him until we move... now I'm too scared from men and its v rare to speak with one for me what I want to know how I'm supposed to start and get rid of this scared feels? ... how I know that it's a relationship or that's the men I needed I tried to find answers before but all the answers was the same personality I have seen in that boy at first...
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