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Ok , sex hurts cause of hair... so my girl wants me to shave her private part...😡🤔?

I talked, shared, and showed her, all in postive respectfully as I can

dont shaves enough, cause when we have sex her hair rubs , and it starts to hurt, and i have to stop cause it irritating... next day its all scabby... She don't like giving head 😀cause I'm too big, hurts her jaw... butvi eat the putty kat wtf... and I'm also giving tips like you dont have to inhale it you can use more spit etc etc... I'm not disrespectful to her. I cook, I clean, take care of kids... I open doors for her... she hasn't cooked in a while... I do love her but I'm just feeling frustrated like she isn't mature minded enough as a 28year old to know her own body? Why should I feel I have to trim to get the whoo Tang? Isn't that so something we should all feel ourselves to do? I mean dam wash up, cut up!! Right!!

Talking about my dad always said a full bush isn't a busy bush"" ... fuck u and your daddy and his old ass

I want pretty cut, smooth wet warm kitty so I can do... my... MF... lion King on that

I hate how she responds you not attracted to me... uuuh I LOOOVE YOU. Just hurts physically and mentally cause I really do love her but I feel like she's lazy...
2 mo
I do offer help I'd help there before I just feel like she's not taking enough initiative cleaning herself.. I know she's a busy woman I cook I clean I massage her body, I've shaved her before even tonight I cook two different meals smothered pork chops and a second meal green beans and scallops... I'm a very active dad I just think she's taking the things I do for granted.. I've come from a relationship of a wife who died of breast cancer we have four kids I take care of now...
2 mo
I was scared to lose her because she's a good woman but she's just not cleaning up in the areas let her private parts and I have to tell her to wash her armpits... she says she's worried about the deodorant causing cancer which I understand so I have shown her other opportunities of organic deodorant I'm not a bad person I just starting to get turned off and if there's any advice I'll take it
Ok , sex hurts cause of hair... so my girl wants me to shave her private part...😡🤔?
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