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Why do my parents not like this guy I’m seeing?

So there’s this guy that I’m currently seeing, I consider us basically boyfriend and girlfriend but he says we shouldn’t label ourselves cause what we have is special and labeling it is just societies way of ruining something so great and special and taking away its value. Anyways he’s 24 works at a bar has tattoos, his ear is pierced, he drives a motorcycle and lives in a van. I’m 19 in college and work part time at a salon. For some reason my parents hate him and think he’s a loser and white trash. I don’t see what my parents see I love this man and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. He makes me feel so special and wanted, I know he’s had a rocky and rough past. He grew up in a dysfunctional family and I can tell he’s really damaged but I feel like I can help heal him it’s just my parents. They’re actually trying to ban me from ever seeing him, they think just cause of his appearance or the fact that he was arrested and drives a motorcycle and that he’s 24 he’s too old for me and that he’s a bad influence on my life. I just don’t understand, if you had a daughter who was involved with someone like the guy I’m seeing would you really ban her from seeing him and if so why? I just really want to understand the logic behind this cause I don’t get it
Why do my parents not like this guy I’m seeing?
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