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How can I help my sister?

My sister has been dating this guy for about 4 months this is the first guy she's been with this long and has known about it. She's been cheated on a lot so seeing him and knowing he's around other girls makes her upset and nervous. They do an art class together she said today they had an acting class he was partner with another girl seeing him that way she said she just wanted to cry. He's a very nice guy I can tell he's gonna be around forever he's really sweet to her brings her a love note every week he comes over. He goes to the art class everyday she's only there on Monday she said it's giving her anxiety knowing he's around other girls everyday. She said it just makes her wanna cry everyday. Once in a while she cries herself to sleep over him. she's scared to talk to him about it. He also told her he might working here soon he said that they might not be spending much time together anymore which made her even more upset. She said she had a bad dream about him last night that she and him were somewhere he kept wondering off and leaving her. How can I help her feel better?
How can I help my sister?
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