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My bfs little sister is way to clingy?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and half. I love him a lot and we live together and have talked about getting married. Now I have never met his family as they live in another country, I have only “met” them over FT. My bfs sister recently came to visit the U. S. for work and she came to visit her brother who she hasn’t seen in a year. We all decided to take a road trip to Nashville , which I think it’s a really weird way to meet someone from the first time. Well first on the way to Nashville, I let his sister sit in the front the whole 9 hours and they would talk nonstop in their native language which I don’t understand by any means, I would barely get talked to which started making me feel excluded. For the whole trip I pretty much let her be by him and talk to him because I knew they have not seen each other in so long but the last day of the trip we were going to a museum which is what SHE wanted and when we got there she started saying her head hurt and my boyfriend is very loving to his sisters so he will baby them to the core , so we drove to buy some pain medicine for her, well we drove back to the museum and she started saying she didn’t want to go blah blah. My boyfriend and I were really confused as this was her idea well then she started telling my boyfriend something which I didn’t understand and I saw how mad my boyfriend got. He told me that she had said that she felt like the third wheel! And that he wasn’t giving her all the attention! Now mind you I’m the type that doesn’t like pda especially in front of family so I avoided all of that and they were talking to each other pretty much the whole trip ( we even all shared a hotel room together which means no privacy for us). Now I think she feels this way because back at home where she still lives with her parent , all her siblings have gotten married and moved out and she feels left out. She has told my boyfriend that she wants to move to the states but now I’m think she will cause drama
My bfs little sister is way to clingy?
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