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Guys, What do I text a bad boy to get him interested?

I use to work with this guy it was his last day yesterday, i kind of know him a little from mutual friends, we didn’t really get the chance to work together that much cause i started my job 2 weeks ago. Anyways i kind of felt a connection right away with him and yesterday things got intense when we were about to leave work..
we talked for about 1 hour in the parkinglot he didn’t want me to leave he huged me lik 5 times and in a romantic way. And he almost kisses my neck. When i finally was going to my car he said ”you better text me” So i actually texted him that same night cause i was going to the mall but he just left town he said but that he was back in a few days.

He just broke up with his girlfriend and he’s also a bit of a player, it’s not like i want a serious relationship with him really but i at least want to have some contact with him.
Do you guys think he’s gonna text me? Or will he not even care to do it? Should i text him again?
Guys, What do I text a bad boy to get him interested?
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