Where can I read David Deangelo books online?

Does anyone know where I can read a copy of David deangelos double your dating online


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  • Those things are BS just like psychics. Don't waste your time. The only way to get a good looking woman is by being a jerk,have good looks,not smell bad, and be confident enough to approach them. And if you want to keep them around for a long time you better have a big penis and have a decent salary.


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  • it's all crap they are making money by telling you to be a man. did that and all it got me was a girl that hates me now .an I liked her a lot now she thinks I am a jerk , she even asked me what happend to the guy she liked and that I have changed and she dose not like me anymore.

  • If you mean you want to get something without paying for it your best bet is probably a torrent site.

    However, if you google "cocky funny" and read all the free sites which talk about that technique you are essentially reading the same thing.