What do I do? I urgently need advice?

So i've lately been going on dates again, and i met with this guy he was nice and all but he was super handsy eventhough i told him from the beginning that i wanted to take things slowly and not intimate at all, just getting to know each other first. So that made me really uncomfortable and i didn't know what to do because when i told him that he laughed and kept on doing too sexual references and touching my butt and things. So the next day he texted me that he really liked our date, and i told him that it was nice, then he started telling me how much he missed me eventhough we met ONCE? He even forbidded me to text other guys and to go on the dating site we met, eventhough he's online there all the time!! Then i was sooo weirded out that i've been ghosting him ever since. So can someone please tell me what i'm suppossed to do at this moment? Keep on ghosting him or tell him, but i dont know how he's gonna take it he seems like the type of person that'll cuss me out?
What do I do? I urgently need advice?
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