2 mo

Guys why would you turn down a girl who?

If you found a girl who:

- You thought was awesome and cool
- You could be yourself around
- You could confide in
- You could trust
- You cared about
- Found her funny
- Got on so well with each other
- That you thought was gorgeous
- You both have a lot in common
- Can be honest and open with
- That you had lots of sexual chemistry with
- That is easygoing
- Can discuss problems diplomatically and without drama
- A girl who compliments you and lets you know how she feels about you
- Who supports you and has your back
- Gives you space when you need it
- Can pick up when you are feeling down
- A girl who will listen to you without judgement
- That you are very comfortable with

Why would you turn down a relationship with that girl and would you also just view her as something casual?
2 mo
- He's also thinks you are gorgeous
- Also told me I'm a 8/10 for both looks and personality
2 mo
- Also believes you would make the perfect girlfriend/wife
Guys why would you turn down a girl who?
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