Dating the same person more then once.

I dated this girl for about two months (about 5 months ago), and out of the blue no reason she started giving me excuses when I would ask her to do something. They were legit sounding so I was never quite sure so on the third try I just said let me know when your free sometime.

I didn't see her for like a month or two, then I starting seeing her out and we would always talk for a while. Lately we have been seeing a lot of each other and have hooked up a couple times recently(both times we were drunk). She mentions (when sober)how she wants to go and do stuff with me like see this, go there, eat there etc etc. Also we have been texting a lot almost everyday.

Should I assume that if I ask her to go out to eat or do something that it is a date? Its kind of hard for me to tell for sure since I already dated her in the past and she might not want to do that again? Any thoughts on this situation?


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  • My relationship that I'm currently in...he and I broke up at least 3 times and we got back together. The longest time apart was 4 months! If you really want her back...then go for it! There is nothing wrong with dating someone more than once :) good luck!

  • If whatever reason that had ended the relationship was gone then yes I would. Unless they cheated hit or did anything like that but if it was that you grew apart because of different schedules and that had changed then I would say yes I would.

    • it wasent cheating or anything like that, the reason was never clear to me I never did anything wrong(that I'm aware of) and neither did she. I guess growing apart or lost feelings or something along those lines were likely the reason.

    • then I would for sure date again.

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