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What to do about this ghost from the past?

Advice needed!
So I started talking to an old high school acquaintance through Facebook. We were talking for about 2 weeks now, we causal flirt, laugh and can talk about serious like things for hours on the phone. He would always talk about how beautiful I always was, and how I had this amazing smile he couldn't forget. and how sweet my voice was. He also told me about his chaotic last relationship and how he was still coming out of the hurt. But only briefly he spoke of the ex, and we continued to forge our own relationship as something real. When the time came, we finally hung out, spent the whole day together laughing and having fun, like we were teens again, I felt so oddly comfortable and relaxed around him, like we could tell each other anything. which caught me off guard. towards the end of the night, he brought me home, I did lean in for a peck to which he kissed me back. a short while later, during a phone call , he let me know he wasn't ready for anything serious with anyone and that our kiss made him realize it and it caught him off guard as well, he said he didn't want to play or be an asshole and lead me on. I completely understood, we said to remain friends, and even made plans for the coming weekend. Well, that was over a week ago, he has seemingly gone radio silence, not to the world, it seems just towards me. he won't texts back, or take my calls. To say I'm hurt is an understatement, to have completely vanished and ghosted on our friendship. I don't feel like I've done anything to deserve this. The only thing I could think to do now, is to just unfriend, delete and move on for the time being, I'm still sad because I actually do like this knucklehead
any advice? would help
What to do about this ghost from the past?
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