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I need you opinion on this. please help me?

So here is the story

I met this guy somewhere and we end up talking until he had to leave. So these couple of days, we end up talking. Until he wanted me to add him on Skype. Because he assumed I wanted to continue with the joking/teasing. So I end up adding him on Skype.

We were joking and teasing until I started to develop feelings for him. And yes I told him. And he said he knows. But continue to tease me.

So all of sudden I get a call from him, saying he likes me. And wanted to hear my reaction because he wanted to know how serious I was about it. So we end up talking more until we hung up. But he tells me that he doesn't do long distance. And I said I'm not forcing you or anything (and he said no I wasn't forcing him).

Anyways I thought I was in a relationship with him because he would say I love you or I miss you. We even talked about the problems and such. He even said we are an item.

Until that day where he said I'm actually friends with benefits. After I told asked him about this relationship. And he reminded me that he doesn't do long distance. Plus he says he loves me. But after I realized I'm just his friend. I cut him off, while telling him I couldn't be his friend. Nor I do friends with benefits. Because I still loved him more than friends.

I haven't heard from him since. I think he's ignoring me more.

What do you think? Was it the right choice or what?
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I need you opinion on this. please help me?
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