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Is it me or does he lack experience?

I hooked up with a guy i’ve known for a year. We hooked up the first time and had sex and it was over in less than a minute and then his actions after made me feel so uncomfortable. He was awkward nervous in a rush and all that though it was his choice to sleep over. He said he can stay in bed all day with me. A month later we hooked up again after we came from a party and he claims he was very exhausted, then he was drunk, he smoked, blowed so he couldn’t “keep it hard” Again he slept over. After 4 hrs of sleep he tried again and the same thing happened so we hooked up but didn’t have sex. Again he said he likes having me in bed with him. But this time it wasn’t as awkward, he was more relaxed, we actually had a conversation and shared an Uber bec I was going somewhere. Funny that the night before he told me he had a free house all the day the next day and wanted me to come over but the next morning he suddenly just said “he had to go out of town, bec his parents were entertaining some friends and he had to go. Anyway, Was it exhaustion? All the stuff he took for the past 2 days or is it? Don’t guys know if they can or can’t do it that they won’t bother sleeping over? Or even attempting to hook up? Is it lack of experience? Or is it me? Did his “failed” attempt have something to do with his suddenly remembering “he had to go out of town?” I felt like it was a waste of time when I could have gotten a good night’s sleep. He snores too. Don’t guys feel they have to save their egos that they would want a redo? I can even figure out if he knows what he’s doing or he’s a virgin. Yes I sort of like him a little that’s why I gave it another’s chance. Thanks.
Is it me or does he lack experience?
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