Where was your first date? Random question time??

Topic: Romance

1) Where was your first date?

2) What color are his/her eyes?

3) How did you meet?

4) What first attracted you to him/her?

5) Who made the first move?

6) What was the "move" exactly?

7) How long have you been going out?

8) Is he/she a good kisser?

9) Where did you have your first kiss?

10) Are you "in love"?


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  • 1)a greek restaurant

    2)hazel but they change inthe sun

    3)We met at a college party

    4)He was super outgoing and confident

    5)Technically he made the first move

    6)After spending an innocent night together on the night that we met he offered to give me his number, but I wrote mine down instead

    7)We've been dating for 5 months now(officially)

    8)He's a good kisser but he gets a little too tongue happy sometimes (:

    9)In his apartment, we were watching a movie and he asked if he could kiss me

    10)I am completely in love with him


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  • 1. Sushi restaurant

    2. Blue

    3. we were friends since kindergarten, & after we graduated high school, we decided to take the next step.

    4. his eyes & smile.

    5. he did

    6. we went out to dinner and movies, got ice cream after, went for a long walk on the beach and he admitted he's always had feelings for me, but didn't want to ruin our friendship, and since we were both finally single at the same time, he wanted to give it a try.

    7. 6 1/2 years

    8. yes!

    9. the beach

    10. most definitely

  • 1) At his place.

    2) Blue

    3) I was meeting his friend, and he came too.

    4) His smile.

    5) Both, kind of.

    6) Haha, uhm.. I kind of invited myself to him, on a movie-date. But he was the one who made the first move fysically.

    7) 4 months.

    8) Yeah, I love his lips!

    9) In his bed.

    10) Yeah, but apparently he's not.

    • Aww, what do you mean he's not?

    • Well, he said it was time to become something more, and I was so happy, but we never got to talk any further about that, cause 1 week later he told me that he doesn't have any feeling for me...

      And then we said we could be friends with benefits, so the situation kind of sucks :(

    • Oh I'm soooooooo sorry