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Do women get hate for dating white men?

I hear so many stories about how families disapprove a women's black boyfriend

Hell there was a cop who went ballistic because his daughter was dating a black man

I was just wondering does black , Asian , Latina women get bashed for dating a white man or is this exclusive to only when they date black men

Also do white women get angry when they see a white man with girl of a different race.

They don't seem to in fact I think they are the only race of women who don't care what white men do. This type of behaviour is seen in Latina , Asian and especially black women when their race of men date another race

Probably cuz they have so many options for dating and their only threat is another white woman

Also one very important question this is for the ladies , are women forced to date white men by their families and society

Pls answer all the questions
Do women get hate for dating white men?
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