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Why does a guy care that you ignore him?

At church, it was always a hi and bye. I never really talked to him in my young teen years especially since I lived in a different state. He was always so handsome and literally all the girls liked him. Everytime he walked in church he caught every girls eye just about. He’s a basketball player and plays college basketball.

I never talked to him because he never liked me in that way and I could tell. He was very cocky and shallow growing up but what do you expect when you’re cute, popular, star player

After I moved with my father, I saw him more often. I never really spoke to him and I kind of didn’t acknowledge his presence. Not being rude but I am a very shy

I started to notice that he was reacting to me not noticing him? Which is strange because I never really talked to him. He started to give me attention a little bit but he still seemed quite concerned that I was “ignoring” him. I actually felt quite embarrassed that he was paying attention to me at church. I honestly didn’t want anyone to see. I felt he could do a lot better.

he asked my step sister why I don’t talk to him, I was standing against the wall with my hand on my face and he gave my hand a very gentle pinch and said “hey” kind of in a concerned way. He would start stare at me sometimes from across the room. Or when I would go back home to see my mom my step sister would say he would ask where I am and How I am. My sister says he feels some type of way when I ignore him.

Then I moved back to my home state and a few months later he followed me on Instagram and liked my pictures. He liked pictures of me and pictures that were absolutely corny. like I posted a picture of my favorite snack and he liked it 🥴 I’m not society’s standards of beauty and he’s never liked me. I don’t think he genuinely likes me. Everyone says I’m not his type. Maybe it’s just his ego. I unfollowed him on social media. My cousin who likes him notices that he likes my pictures etc.. his parents actually like her for him.
Why does a guy care that you ignore him?
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