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Does anger mean care?

So this woman came onto me , she admitted that she was seeing someone on and off and that they live together, we basically were dating then, she told not to get attached but she kept opening up to me , a little at a time , telling me how unhappy she was with him and how she wants to move next year but he has no interest in leaving with her, things were intense between us , she admitted it and things seem to be great, the 5th time she came over we had sex for the 1st time, afterwards i admitted to her that I was a virgin but she didn't believe me, then things got weird and the next time we went out she was going to come over and 10 minutes later called me and then made it sound like she loved him and wanted to fix things and she told me she didn't want me, I tried to fight for her I tried to tell her could she was unhappy and i wanted to help her but I didn't understand why she wanted to fix things if she's felt so unloved and unwanted for so long and she didn't respond, now a mutual friend went into her bar and asked her how she was and he said she angrily told him that she wanted me to leave her alone and she was done with me
Does anger mean care?
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