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Should I keep sending her pics?

So this girl I’ve known for a couple years. We’ve hung out a couple time and texted. But in the past she has said she only sees me as a friend. So we started snap chatting eachother more. Some selfies to eachother and she has replied to mine flirting back once or twice. But sometimes won't reply to my snaps. So recently I decided to just go for it and sent her a nude of my body. She said “whoa” and I found out she doesn’t mind me sending these to her. So eventually I kept teasing till I got the courage to send a d*** pic. First time she replied “I definitely couldn’t handle that” but she said it was sarcasm. And I said she definitely could get it sometime and she said “I’m sorta talking to someone but good to know” few weeks passed. Second time she said “haha wow f***” I’ve sent more than this amount to her but each time I send any sort of nude she replies and it’s a positive reply. But this girl I’ve been trying to get with for the longest time more than any girl and I’ve having trouble cause each time I try talking dirty after a pic with her she’s falling asleep or she’s busy
Should I keep sending her pics?
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