If you have never dated outside your race...

If you have never dated outside your race, what would you have to see from a man to make you date (relationship, sex, the whole thing) outside of your race? (Be honest) Would they have to be better than someone in your race? This question is for girls, but any man who has overcome this (experience not theory) please feel free to share.


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  • I have never dated out of my race. I am white and all the guys I have been with have also been white. Currently I am interested in a guy that is hispanic. He is absolutely gorgeous. I just look for someone with great hair and eyes. I don't really care about the race. I would really like to tell you that race doesn't matter but for some people it does. Some races are very strict when it comes to allowing daughters to date outside their race. Race shouldn't matter but if it does then that is not the person for you! Good luck.


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