When does dating turn into a relationship?

When is dating not dating anymore? do you have to have THE TALK still? I mean we are not in elementary or even high school anymore so what's the deal do I have to say hey lets be an item or what? and if you are dating more then one person do you have to throw that out there? is it considered cheating if you don't and if you think so... y? you are just dating... right?


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  • I think THE TALK isn't something that ever goes away. How do both people know for certain that they're an exclusive committed couple? I always ask a girl to be my girlfriend after I get the feeling I'd like that. It's not just about labeling, I want her to know how I feel about her.

    As for dating multiple people, sure, you're not exclusive so you can do whatever you want as long as you're not sexually endangering your partners.

    • ok. so how does one be nice about saying "no lets just keep this what it is... I'm not ready for a relationship" without tarnishing the freiendship/relationship and now is it wrong because it seem as though I'm keeping him around as a "back-up" plan. When he said "lets make this a you and I thing" <- doens't that mean exclusive?

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    • Maybe his idea of a thing is a steady friends with benefits arrangement. This is why THE TALK is so important.

    • lol... OK he'll be cut off I'm not trying to be in a FWB situation we talked about that supposedly niether one of us wanted that but we've been doing this for 7months and for us not to be an item.. ? so oh well... thank you for your responses.

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  • You do have to have some sort of talk. I think adults with some level of playful humor between each other tend to work this in to a more serious conversation by first teasing around about the subject. I have also found that when I let a man know that I don't believe in sex outside of a committed relationship, it shows them that if the get to the point of wanting a relationship with me they should discuss it so we can start enjoying all the benefits that come with going to the next stage.