What can I expect from a date at a comedy club?

I've never been to the laugh factory, and I'm taking my girlfriend there this weekend. Not sure what to expect at all, and just a general description of anyone visiting it would be appreciated. I don't even know how to dress. Business casual? Extremely casual? etc


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  • stylish casual

    expect some awkward silences, maybe some laughs if you're really into the comedians

    My case was: I just felt overwhelming pain for the people on stage sometimes.


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  • Haven't been to the Laugh Factory but I've been to a lot of other comedy clubs. You can dress casual, there will be people dressed lots of different ways. It's not formal if that's what you mean.

    Generally they'll seat you at a table and they have wait staff taking orders. Most places have a 2 drink minimum at least, and many also require at least 2 food items purchased. That's where they make a lot of the money, not on entry fees.

    As for the acts themselves, expect them to be pretty funny since the Laugh Factory is pretty high up the comedy totem pole. Since they're not on TV they can pretty much say anything at all so if you or your date isn't a fan of dirty words and swearing, you might not like some of the acts.

    Just sit back, have a couple drinks and laugh. It's usually a great evening out and super for a date because it gets you both relaxed and laughing together.