Is it possible to be too fat for a relationship?

For myself I believe yes. My coworker and I were discussing that were both 310-320 pounds. My coworker is in a relationship but said she only has a boyfriend because they met when she was 80 pounds lighter. I told her I know I won’t find a relationship or be loved by someone until I’m a healthy weight because I can’t blame anyone for not being attracted to me or even wanting to get to know me. I am completely aware that I have a disgusting body that I am fixing, but I don’t expect anyone to love me during it. Another coworker who is like 120-130 pounds said she felt bad that I said that and weight doesn’t determine if I deserve love and a relationship or not. I thought she was full of shit, especially because she’s used to guys hitting on her daily nor do I understand why she feels the need to lie because it’s linked to sympathy. What do you think.
Is it possible to be too fat for a relationship?
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