Why he stopped calling?

I been dating this guy for over 4 years. Both no kids, have a great time together. Constantly talk on the phone, we go out at times, and mostly just stick around the house and chill.

Well lately, I been getting a gut feeling that he's been acting weird. Just little things I notice or little things he say. He don't stay with me over night like o feel a man should, especially me being a very attractive girl. So a few days ago he was hanging out, then he said he had things to do and we was going and gave me a kiss. I said are you coming back, being since its been like few days since we have been intimate, he just said no, I'll see you tomorrow. I later text him in theses exact words, baby are you okay because you been acting kinda weird these past few days. NO CALL, NO SHOW, NO TEXT after that for like 4 days now. And he knew I had an important exam to take for nursing school to even stress me out. I refuse to call him because I know he's alright. What to do, I guess my notions where right eh?

He was just confused and stupid...we made up, which I loved!


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  • Girl, if you've been with your man for four years then you know when somethings up. Four days of no contact for no reason seems very weird to me. He might have an interest in another girl. If you've been together for so long and you "mostly stick around the house and chill" you might wanna shake things up some. It could be that he feels your relationship/time together has gone stale or gotten boring. You know what I mean? Maybe since you seem to be heading down a commitment track he's second guessing it because he's afraid of a boring, stuck-in-a-rut routine...I'm trying to say that maybe something has caught his attention and gotten him excited about being excited about life again. I'm not explaining this as eloquently as I would like, but it seems something else has caught his attention, and with the 4 days of no contact he's indirectly telling you that. ...Whatever the reason for him being weird he shouldn't act like that towards you. All issues should be dealt with directly through conversation...that's the mature and responsible way to approach things. I think that you should confront him to get the answers you want.

    • That's what I felt...until... as soon I posted this...I hear a tap tap tap on my door it him looking all stupid. You know I got him straight. I honestly feel my dude is just stupid and lost, especially since his mom died :( So I dunno. Imma keep an eye on him for awhile, he usually good, I give him a get outta jail card this time.

    • Ha, well I hope that he's alright, and you guys work on sharing everything you feel.

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