Should I chill with my friends even though?

This other ANNOYING girl is going? I mean we are all going to hang out and stuff but the girl annoys the sh*t out of me. I'm pretty sure if I hanged out with them and she goes I'd end up telling her something. But...we are all getting high so I think I'd be more chill and wouldn't care either way. I haven't hanged out with these friends in weeks! And I really miss them so should I still hang out with them? I have nothing to do this Saturday anyways?


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  • maybe you should hang out, and maybe you should tell her what you think...

  • I wouldn't wanna get high with someone that annoys me, but ignorance is bliss.

    • Well I mean when I'm high I think everything is so f***ing chill and I go along with anything but yeah I don't really like the girl

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