What's a normal frequency to text?

So I met a guy last Tuesday, and we texted back and forth a little (pretty much an extended conversation each night) Tuesday through Friday. I started all of those convos. I texted him again Sunday night, and we talked for a bit, and made plans to chill Monday. We chilled for a bit then, and after, he sent me a text where he called me "my cute [insert my ethnicity]" and said we should hang out again. I sent a quick reply that pretty much said that I agreed, which he didn't respond to.

I texted him last night (wed. night) to say hey, since I had to wait for my train for a while, and we texted back and forth for like 10 minutes. He sent the last text, but it was one word, so I had nothing to respond to, and he seemed a little less...talkative then he had previous times we had texted.

Is this like...a normal amount to be texting when you're just starting to chill with someone? I'm into him, and he acts like he's into me. Should I be worried that I've started all except one of our conversations?

I haven't had to date/flirt in so long...I feel totally lost...


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  • I know the feeling I just start dating this girl and we text so much I litteraly had to call and upgrade my plan. We have sent probably 50+ text a day so far. If he is responding, he is likes ya. Just try to be creative, we really don't care what you ate for lunch. If he sometimes doesn't respond don't get mad or think anything of it he probably just got busy with stuff he's doing.


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  • wow... he just started one? I don't know, it would bother me... just wait till he texts you, if he don't, keep waiting, when yo start feeling like a fool you should try one "hey are you alive?" and see what he'll answer... I hope he texts you before you need to do this... =/

    • I mean, we've known each other not even two weeks, so I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt about all this.

      I am going to be in his neighborhood with some friends on Saturday, so I was thinking of messaging him when I'm there to tell him to come meet up with us and have a drink...