Girls: Would you hang out with somebody you met at Walmart?

My friend and I were at Walmart the other day and he met these two cute girls while I was in the bathroom. I showed up and they were all chatting and we all ended up swapping numbers. Would it be weird for me to try hitting them up to see if they want to hang out?


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  • Well that depends. Would you swap numbers just for the hell of it? Come on due use your brain! It's common sense that if you get a number you should maybe JUST MAYBE call it!

    • Yeah lol But I didn't ask if I should text them, I asked if you would want to hang out with a guy if you were the girl... It's different

    • It's the same. If I give a guy my number then I must not mind hanging out with him. The girl must have been somewhat interested to give you her number...but you have to call/text her to find out.

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  • yes if I were in my teens I think why not. that really doesn't happen too much or even at all when you get older so have fun.

  • yea why not!?! and you got her number already and she would probably be dissapointed if you didn't call...


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