Why does my boyfriend not want to kiss me anymore?

I've been dating this guy for 7 months and in the beginning we were always making out and I loved it, we don't make out anymore. He told me that he isn't really a making out kind of guy. He told me when this issue first started he told me that he didn't want to kiss me because I was asking him to kiss me so I stopped asking and just started kissing him, he still will tell me no he doesn't feel like it. the only time we ever make out is before sex. I don't understand how to get him to just kiss me and not have it lead to more sometimes I just feel like making out. Tonight when we were in bed he wanted to cuddle but I wanted to kiss I said lets kiss then we can cuddle after, if we waited he would be grumpy. So we kissed for like 5 minutes and it felt forced. So I turned over and he fell asleep. I laid there for like 40 min and finally got up to leave. He woke up and didn't want me to go but I didn't fell like doing anything with him I wanted to just go home. I told him he could stay in bed and not walk me out which I was lying I wanted him to walk me out. So when I got home I texted him I got home and I haven't heard from him its been over an hour. He is probably asleep and didn't hear his phone. But my questions knowing the little background you know is why do he not want to just kiss? Help Me Please!


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  • have you tried one of these yet?



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