All the right signs in person, but bad at texting?

So this girl I've fallen for, she gives me all the right signs and is generally pretty flirty in person. But when I text her, she's different. She seems much less flirty, she usually takes a long time to reply if she does at all. And she acts much more evasive than she does in person. She's never picked up the few times I've tried calling her. On the other hand she replies to facebook quite rapidly.

Why would a girl be so much more difficult over the phone? I mean, yes, I'd rather talk to her in person, but I kinda need a phone to arrange that! What can I do?

I think she's a little shy so I don't think she'll come around if I stop texting her all of a sudden. I'm pretty confident she's interested, I just can't seem to make any progress, and I only see her seldom as a result. I'm about to go crazy.


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  • she wants you to be chasing her all the time, hence to when you don't text she suddenly appears lol. I wouls stop txting her all together to give her something to think about cos I'm sure she will come running. It seems to me she likes to play hard to get

    • lol read my last question and help...women really confuse us men. do we confuse you ladies? lol

  • Don't text her anymore. She lost that privilage by taking too long, and by giving sh*tty replies. She could very well be busy, but there's also a chance she is doing it on purpose. Either wait quite awhile to text her again, or wait for her to initate it.

    I've done this before when I wasn't interested in a guy as anything more than a friend. I'd ignore texts and calls in the hopes he'd get the hint. In person, I'd treat him like a friend, and be nonresponsive to his flirting. Nothing more than a hug goodbye from hangouts (which were likely dates in his opinion). I can't speak for this girl. All I can say is don't text her for a bit.


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