Why do men always talk about themselves on dates?

Every date I've ever been on it's been about them talking about themselves about 80% and asking questions about me, like 20%.

My thinking is-

1. They're nervous and not sure what to ask.

2. They're trying to impress me.

3. They're letting me lead the conversation at my comfort.

I am very social and put people at ease, so women do this with me too, but it's different on dates. Just curious...


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  • well, it depends. a lot of guys do get nervous and when you're nervous its incredibly hard to concentrate on what you are talking about. the easiest thing to converse about is yourself, cause obviously you know so much. it can also be a great way of finding common ground. seeing what she likes and what she disapproves of in a guys life can be a great way of finding out about questions that he may not want to ask directly.

    very rarely does a guy try to "impress" on a date. in a bar full of strangers where all you're trying to do is get into their pants, then maybe.

    • He's direct with asking what I like or my opinion on things...was just curious because this has happened with EVERY date I've ever been on, even when they were into me and it turned into something more.

      Not impress a date? Are you serious? That's can't be right...

    • ok. I don't mean they try and be a d*** about it. I guess I worded that wrong. yeah, they probably try to show off their better traits and that can be seen as impressing. but I thought your definition of impress was "yeah, I'm so awesome cause I can [insert whatever here]" with the attitude of anyone from the show jersey shore.

What Girls Said 1

  • Sometimes it's cause they're nervous/you intimidate them.

    Other times it's cause he has an ego the size of a horse.

    You just have to give them a bit of time so you can figure out whether it's the former or the latter. Do a bit of careful examination, and try not to make all judgments on the first date. But regardless, the first impression is still important.