17, I've never been kissed, on a date, or had a bf...

I have never had a boyfriend, or even been kissed.

It is just so disheartening when like a group of friends go to six flags, and all your friends have boyfriends to ride with.

Or there are nights when I would just love to have someone to cuddle with, or watch a movie with, or talk to.

I don't think I am ugly. I have a pretty good sense of humor, I am pretty sarcastic.

I have been asked out and stuff, but the guys were not guys I would want to be with. They were jerks or whatever.

Why do you think regular, normal guys don't ask me out! Why?

I know right! All the guys I get asked by are TOTAL CREEPS.

DUDE, the santa at the mall hit on me.

Like, my friends call me the creeper magnet. lol. I have so many stories!
I don't think I am judging people. One guy asked me out after molesting my friend... so I mean, I don't use the term loosely.

I think I flirt with some guys, not like over the top, just friendly. I think guys like to takl to me, just not ask me out..


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  • I have the same issue. I was hit on by a creep (and I am NOT using that term lightly) and had a player flirt with me/string me along. I've been asked out once and it was in Spanish class (and I believe it was a joke/he wanted to boost his ego to hear a girl say yes). I have no idea why this is...it sucks.

    • haha I'm guessing the update was supposed to be a comment :)

      yeah, this particular guy sat behind me in class and passed me a note that asked if I would tell the teacher if he touched my butt. He then passed another note asking for my number and asking if I had a boyfriend. Turns out he was creeping on the other girls in the class

    • Yeah, it was meant to be a comment.

      I know, really, like. the santa at the mall? come on! lol

      yeah, and one guy like molested one of my friends, and had the nerve to hit on me. lol. ugh

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  • It has to do with the fact you are judging guys and not giving anyone a chance. If you wanna make an excuse and say they were total creeps, then go find a guy who isn't a creep and flirt with him. Most frustrated singles are just bitter and selfish, in that they want to have their cake and eat it too.

    Realize its very rare that kind of opportunity comes around, so get accustomed to being single or do something about it!

    • Trust me, I've seen some extreme cases (age 30+) wondering why they are single, and they are obviously totally blind of the fact they are judgmental and narcissistic.

      Not saying that's who you are, but if you are really tired of being single then ask out a good guy yourself. Stop waiting and do something about it.

  • Being single at 17 is actually reasonable, but it probably doesn't seem like it when all your friends happen to have boyfriends.

    Also, guys in high school can be a lot needier and douchier than in college or real life when they've grown up a bit; I don't think you're being over-judgemental, personally

    Source: I 'd never been dated/kissed/flirted with at 17


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  • i kissed before I was 18 but didn't have a actual boyfriend til I was 18. no worries!

  • You are only 17 so you're still young! I'm turning 19 this July and never had a boyfriend before. lol I'm kindda waiting for the right one :)

    But trust me I've felt like that before like all I wanted was a nice and faithful guy who knows me well and who's serious about me, but the guz who are interested in me are all weird and creepos and even got myself a stalker one time! It was terrible!

    Anyways, just because all your friends have boyfriends doesn't mean you gotta have one, too. Just wait for the right guy. I'm pretty sure he'll pop up one day before you know it...I hope though I haven't found mine yet hahaha Well, Good Luck to both of us in finding the right guy! :D

  • 17, never kissed, never dated, never had a boyfriend, best friends had/have bf's, hit on by total creeps

    girl I'm seeing myself in the mirror you aren't the only one waiting for prince charming ;)

  • same here