Is it my fault he not trying to kiss me? please help

So there is this guy that I have been hanging out with multiple times a week for months now. I've met his family and friends, we sleep over sometimes, I know he thinks I'm physically attractive, we have a lot in common, etc... Everything seems good, but he has only kissed me once, like a while ago. We both don't believe in sex before marriage so I understand him not trying to hook up with me but why hasn't he kissed me again?

I'm not a flirty, touch feely person, so I'm probably not sending him the right signals but I spend a lot of time with him and sleep in bed with him sometimes which I've never done with anyone else besides my previous boyfriend. So is this my fault? I'm so confused and feel like just moving on at times..also I know I should probably just kiss him but I can't make myself do it so that's not an option either


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  • He's probably just shy to do it himself or thinks you don't want to do so. Ask him what his opinion is, implicitly. For instance, ask him what's his opinion on french kissing or just normal tip kissing.


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