How long should I wait before calling or texting this girl again?

I called her last Sunday just fine, we talked for about 20 minutes. Texted her Monday, we texted for a little bit.

Had a question yesterday so I tried calling her. Didn't get an answer so I just texted her the question but she still didn't get back

We used to talk a lot months ago, we were pretty much together in terms of spending time together and talking a lot, but we weren't actually in a relationship (as much as I wanted to be >_>).

Anyway, she just split up with her ex boyfriend two weeks ago and I've been really wanting to ask her out on a date, so I'm trying not to be too pushy...

I'm thinking Sunday or is that too soon?


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  • Just got for it man. Yea she's not going to get over her ex to quickly but wait it out till Sunday and just text her And as her can we talk. Do your thing!

    Gosh dang it! my more than a friend guy hasn't talk to me in like 12 days ..after when he called me on Valentine's day tellin me something really bad and I wasn't helpful with the situation. And I am dieing cause. he told me to call him some other time on the phone when I told him that I have to go..cause I was so sad and heartbroken!


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  • this is what happens when you don't progress the relationship and when you have no options with women, if you had ten other women lined up, would you give a f*** when to call this one? also read the story in my profile about progressing a relationship to see my thoughts on texting

    • I've had options but she's sort of at a higher priority >_>

    • no girl should be at high priority if she is not completely open to enjoying the greatness that is YOU

    • I've been waiting months for her to split up... She liked me but I just never made a move