Clamming up when around attractive girls?

Well when I am with a group of people it seems like I am the funniest person in the world. On the other hand when I'm on a date with a girl or talking to a girl by myself I come off as a boring guy. For example one girl I tried to talking to says I am too negative, but for some reason I don't know how to change that. For some reason I can't some to also shake my shyness when it comes to girls. I don't have much experience and for the majority the girls I go after I see them as a possible girlfriend (probably causes me to come off as desperate since I have never had a girlfriend much less even lost my virginity. At the same time I desperately want a girlfriend and to lose my virginity, because I have been lonely my whole life and I am tired of seeing other guys getting what I want). Even though I have gone on a couple dates I have no idea what I should be doing on the dates to even progress to the point where she would consider me as a boyfriend. At the same time if the time comes I wouldn't know how to make the next step from being friends to boyfriend/girlfriend (I don't know if it just understood after a while or if it is talked about like me asking her if she would like to be my girlfriend, I really don't have a clue). Another thing that I worry about if I do end up with a girlfriend what do I do know where do I go from there.


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  • About the first part, it goes away the more you date. About the "what do I do with a girlfriend part" - presumably she will know that side of you and like you for you so you won't have to improvise some other personality.

    My advice is to just tell yourself it's probably not going to work out anyway and just forget she's there for the most part ("she" as in "A girl you want to impress") and just say what comes to mind. There will be some who say you're negative - these are called morons.

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