What do you do when you feel lonely?

I'm at the point where almost everyone is married and or have kids. I'm not into social events. I tried it but it just doesn't fit me, I'm more of an introvert. A lot of people seem to be fake / materialistic. I do open up with people with whom I am more familiar. All I have is work, hobby, and a few friendships. Most of the time, I am great and happy...

It's just those few times where I just feel lonely...What do you do? Is this normal, just how life is?

Sometimes I look at a group of people and see how nice it is to have a sense of belonging. I miss hanging out with group of friends from college because you really know each other and are not fake.

I also experience male friends become so distant after they get into serious relationships. Female friends become so focused on their kids and families. Nothing is wrong with that but now I wonder how do other people cope with it?

I tried dating and I just never really have a good time like some people do.


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  • I know what you mean, seeing as how I'm online on a Saturday night! Most of my girlfriends are married now. Guy friends either got into relationships or sided with my ex after we broke up. It really does make me feel lonely a lot of the time.

    So what I do now is try to push myself to find things I like to do where I can meet people. I actually found a church that has a large, active young adults group so that's really nice because there's always something going on. Dance classes are nice too. On nights when I do find myself alone I try to do something constructive. Either hobbies or cleaning/organizing, trying to learn Italian, reading. Or I'll look up stuff online to see what's going on around town in the next few days so I can make plans to be out. I've learned the hard way you can't always depend on someone calling you and having something great going on for you to go join in on. It takes a more proactive stance.

    Due to the fact that you used the word lonely, it sounds like you need to meet new people. Like you need to have someone you can just call up or message just to see what's going on in their life and have some connection to someone. It's not like you have to be physically surrounded by people all the time, that can be exhausting. But if contact is what you need, you gotta go after it.


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  • We all get lonely here and there. the best possible thing is to join something -- a gym -- where there are group classes/activities.

  • Wish I had an answer for you =S


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  • I have the same problem =(