Why would he get upset?

Yesterday I ended up going to my friend Chris's house. Thing is my best friend Matt always picks me up and takes me over and we spend the whole day over there then at night when we are heading home he drops me off at my house. Matt couldn't make it so I told him I had my own ride. He replied with an upset tone. I don't understand? If he can't go did he think I couldn't either? We've slept together also I don't know if that matters or not. I was just wondering why he would be upset that I was going to a friend's house when he couldn't make it. And when I told him my mom was dropping me off he laughed at my face. What does that even mean? Oh and when we hang out we all get high. And the first time I ever got high was with Matt. He kind of got me into it. Please help I need a guy's opinion thanks.


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  • he probably thinks you were hanging out with your friend because he was there. you hanging out with the other guy because you want to (even if he's not there) came as a surprise to him

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