He won't date me because he doesn't want to hurt me?

What does it mean when a guy says, he doesn’t wanna hurt you in anyway, and he can’t accept you as a lover because he knows himself, he wouldn’t treat you as you deserve to be treated! “…I’m a bad person, not as good as you think I am…”

Also when I said “please don’t hurt me…”

He said I wouldn’t even if I know us just being friends hurts you, I would stay faraway as possible…because I can’t bear seeing you suffering and I would never hurt you because if I do, it means I’m ganna lose you but I don’t wanna lose you because you mean a lot to me and I wanna be with.

I understand all this but the problem is…we are never can be “just friends” and we have always been more then friends in every way since we meet. That’s why I am really confused…I really love him and he knows…but he is like “please stop loving me, forget about me” and also he said “I’m afraid to fall in love…” << even after all that we still spoke on the phone for long hours and not “just as friends”.

When we met he use to be a player kind and everything but he changed a lot he doesn’t flirt with girls like before and his attitude became better.

I don’t know what to do? Does he love me too? What does he mean?


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  • Sounds to me like he likes you as friend and you are too valuable asset to him that's he doesn't want to loose you. He is scared that if things doesn't work out between you guy and you're going to stop being his bff too.

    • I get that part...but you see the problem is...we never been like bbfs or "just friends" ...everythings, like the way we talk, we talk about the future us meeting, having children and what we gana name them...and also we fight like a couple, we do what couples do! << I mean these stuff doesn't seem like "just friends" to me ..but I really don't know! :S

    • Then I guess he never love you. I'm so sorry but if he said this to you I'm pretty sure he is not going to change his mind. I learned that if you never have his heart in the first place, you'll never going to capture it. My ex was like that and I should let him go in th first place but I chose to hold on and in th end I have nothing but a pain. I'm so sorry.

    • aha ..okey...thank you :)

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  • He is confused about his feelings for you. He probably loves you a lot but maybe feels he does not deserve you. Can't tell you what to do. Try to be patient with him and continue to show him how much he means to you.


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  • i would just give him time to get his prorities right and if you stop bringing it up maybe he can realize for himself what he really wants.

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