If I called/texted a girl on Thursday but didn't get an answer, is today too soon to try again?

She just split up with her boyfriend of three months two weeks ago.

Called her last Sunday just fine, texted her Monday just fine too but I had a question to ask her Thursday so I called but there was no answer. Texted the question to her, no reply

I'm trying not to be too pushy but is today too soon? I really wanna talk to her...


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  • If this is the same guy who's posted a bunch of questions waiting for this girl and her boyfriend to break up so you could pounce, yes you're being too pushy. You texted and called and she didn't answer. If she wanted to talk to you, she would answer. I'm sorry to say I don't think she's that interested. And she JUST ended things with her boyfriend.

    • Well even when we talked a lot (when she did like me), she didn't answer her phone all the time either

      And te boyfriend thing is why I'm wondering if I' mbeing too pushy. I mean... She isn't upset about it

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    • i have guy friends I've talked to for hours. But I didn't answer them all the time either. They were just friends. Guys I liked? I always returned their calls.

    • Well she told one of my teachers (she took the class last semester. I'm taking it now) that she really liked me (She was working on something for me and wanted the teacher's help. When I told the teacher I knew her, she was like "Oh, you're tha tguy. She said she wanted help on this because she really likedthis boy and she wanted it to be good")

  • you texted/called enough. she's not interested.

    • Like I said to the other person, she liked me before but she still did this. It was just after she got off work so I just gave her the benefit of the doubt and that she was busy

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