Should I leave it alone? What should I do? I need an answer but I don't wanna be annoying

we live in different states and the other day he asked if I was still coming to see him and I said yes. I had crashed my car a couple days ago and just found out it might not be ready till after the weekend so I have my moms car. I texted him today asking if he def wants me to come cause I don't know if my car is gonna be done so I'm going to need to ask my mom in advanced if I'm allowed to take her car but he diddnt answer, I called him a couple hours after and his phone was off. I just called him again and he didn't answer. should I leave it? he usually gets back to me last min and I don't know why he wouldn't want me to come but before I make a big deal with my mom (cause I know its gonna turn out that way) I kinda want reassurance that he def wants me coming. what should I do? should I text him again, what should I say? should I give it a couple days.. even though I really don't have a couple days I need to know now which is why I asked. I just don't wanna look annoying. help


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  • NO...leave him alone lol. No more text or calls. One text/call is enough. I would be questioning why if you just got into a car accident he is not coming to see you. If you don't have an overall problem with his last minute nature then you just wait until he responds and then ask your mom. Now if you are sick of his last minute nature and being at his beck and call when he is ready then when he gets back to you last minute you tell him that your mom took the car since you told her that you didn't have any plans since he didn't get back to you. Talk on the phone and call a day.

    • im going to see him because he is injured. I'm in school I don't have many weekends off so since I actually do have this weekend off and I rarley see him I don't wanna risk my mom saying no if I ask too late. I basically need to know now, of course I don't wanna annoy him but he needs to realize that if he just got back to me the way he should then I wouldn't act this way and if he has a problem with it then I need to rethink going to see him anyway

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    • I hate to say it but it sounds like you already have your mind made up on what you want to do.Im just saying from experience that you are not his girlfriend and its not an accident that he replies and doesn't reply to some of your text.If his best friend text him to go to a basketball game or something he loves do you think he wouldn't reply.The more you call and text the more annoying you become and I'm not saying you don't have a life, I'm saying that your actions may come off that way.

    • I have never had to work or question what is going on with a man seeing me UNLESS he didn't want to or he didn't care either way.Men that want to see you will make it happen.Now I'm not saying its a bad thing if you are OK with it but if you are OK with it then you have to accept the nature of your relationship of he'll text, call or see you when he feels like it. If you call once he gets voicemail and it shows as missed call on a cell. He knows you called. Good Luck