How long should you wait before calling her?

How long should you wait to call after a first date, or when you realize you like her?


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  • Not too long..I'd say a day or 2...but try to keep in touch and show interest! Best Wishes!

  • not that long really. you only need to wait as long as feels comfortable.

    i've had lunch or dinner with a guy where he's asked me out again at the end of the date or texts me straight after that he had fun and would like to see me again.

    personally, I don't like guys that play games. if a guy says he likes me, wants to get to know me better and I have fun with him, I am more inclined to also want to know him and say yes.

    if you play hard to get or stupid games, you're more likely to confuse her cause she then can't gauge your real level of interest. I'm not saying act desperate or needy cause that's a turn-off. but if you like her, then show her.


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