Why would he not decline my request?

Okay so I had this tutor and He behaved like he liked me. He used to get so nervous and shy around me , he then would copy everything I like , stare at me and just before the holidays he wanted to talked me after class and asked me to wait for him but I got shy and left. So when he went back I was gone. Anyway after that he started avoiding me , he couldn’t even look at me etc. Then he left the college. Anyway before he left I placed a card under office door with my number. He shares a office with about 8 people so I wasn’t sure if he actually got it. Then recently I found him on this private tutor site , I don’t have social media so this was the only form of contact , I sent him a request on there For lesson , but asked if he got my card. He has to either decline or accept my request. I have sent this 4 days ago and he has just left my request as undecided. On this site the tutor has to either accept or decline and for some reason he won’t decline. I made another two accounts pretending to be some other people and both of them were declined. So why is he just keeping mine on there?
Why would he not decline my request?
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