If a guy has lost interest in me should I ask him?

I really like this guy and I though he liked me too but I feel like he's avoiding me . He never comes up and talks to me and I want to come up to him but he's always with his friends he texts me sometimes I asked him if he wanted to hang out Sunday he said yeah and then at last min he said he couldn't make it change it to Wednesday . Am I waisting my time? What should I do?


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  • NNNNOOOOOO lol ! Never ask a guy if or why he lost interest. For some reason women want to hear the words even though his actions are telling you everything you need to know. First off this is not lost yet. He seems to be on the fence about you. Most men that are trying to blow you off would not set another day, theyd just say sure sometime in the future. He told you Wednesday so that's a plus. However, he canceled and was not pressed to see you on Sunday like originally planned. So on Wednesday do no text/call him to find out if he still wants to hang out. A man that wants to hang out will remember. If he doesn't text you then I personally would forget him and move on but if you are really into him then you can call/text on Saturday/Sunday and ask him to hang out again and if you get excuses then move on. OK so most important if you do get to hang out with him you have to be fun, no pressure, definitely do not mention him canceling, you just have to hang out with him like a cool friend that happens to be female lol (this is basically to make him want to hang out with you again).

    • So should I just wait to talk to him on Wednesday or can I text him ? Won't he feel like I'm avoiding him if I don't talk to him?

    • This depends if you guys usually talk to each other eveyrday then keep it exactly how it has been just don't bring up if you're still on for Wednesday unless he does and if Wednesday comes and goes don't sweat it cause obviously its not as important to him. I will tell you from experience that if a guy wants to see you he will be the one making it happen

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