Am I the rebound guy?

I talked to this girl for like 2 months before we got together. She broke up with her ex about a month ago, they dated for like 5 or 6 months. So, I tried to set up a date Saturday but her parents wouldn't let her go( she is still in high school) (I'm 20 btw) anyway, she said sorry she couldn't go but would like for me to come with her Sunday to the mall. So we went today and spent like 3 hours walking around and looking and not. We have been dating since last wednesday, but she told me she loved me two times today. I asked her later if she really ment it or if it just slipped out. She said she ment it which is hard for me to believe. I have been wondering if I was just a rebound guy, but a rebound is normally just a sexual relationship isn't it? I mean we have kissed a lot and she is always smiling and giggling, I haven't seen her naked and we haven't "did" anything other than kiss. So do you guys think I'm a rebound guy? She still hasn't told her parents about us, and we haven't posted our relationship on facebook. BTW, should I ask about that because I would really like to show her off :D but she still has her ex- on her FB. I don't know what to think we talk on the phone every night which makes me think I'm not a rebound. BUT if she really does love me wouldn't see tell her parents about us and post our relationship on FB?

BTW, she texts me all day almost, and a good morning text every morning before I wake up.
O and I told her I didn't want to be a rebound and she said that she doesn't do that type of thing. She also put in some work because I wouldn't really talk to her much at first. I mean if I was a rebound she wouldn't have put that much work in right?


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  • rebound isn't necessarily a strictly sexual relationship. just someone to fill the void. if she was really hurt over the break up with her ex, then a month is too soon. usually its a three month period at least, depending on the nature and severity of the break up. but I would see how it goes, it does seem that she likes you.

    • Thanks, I think she likes me to, but sometimes she acts weird. We were talking before she broke up with her ex for a month before she broke up with him, then another month after. I think I'm just going to play it out ans see where is might go like you said

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