Two weeks no text no call?

what does it mean when a guy says call me some other time...obviously means call him some time. But I'm not,wont, but still like him a lot. I know he's not sad as much as me. Or even thinking about me!


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  • Does he have your number too? or do you only have his number?

    If he has your number too don't call him! if he likes you, he'll be thinking about you and wanting to talk to you - if he wanted to talk to you, he would have called you within a couple of days. Two weeks is AGES! You should delete his number and move on.

    • he has my number too and yes 2 weeks is ages I'm pretty sad about it..and trust me I haven't called or text soo.Thats what I said if he wanted to talk to me he should have been by NOW.. he the one told me the bad news I did nothing

  • did he end up txtng you?