Did I make a mistake by kissing my ex?

I kissed my ex but she didn't push her lips Back didn't say anything to me walked away and left, no texting contact has been made now.

Do I just drop it now wtf is her problem calls me to hang all day , to hang out , I was going to try and f*** but I backed off instead went simple just a kiss,

so question if I get no response from her at all she hasn't text back and she loves to text , I just go ghost again and drop it...


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  • You should always be thinking of escalating the connection, whether it be small or large, your goal is to (sex? relationship?) it ain't gonna happen being nice guy. Go a little caveman see what happens, worst case scenario you never talk to her again, oh well, millions of other women. You can't win if you don't play.

    If you want sex from the ex, show her your different now. Chances are she's not gonna want the same old boring routine. When you get a little smooch, GRAB the back of her f**king hair and PULL gently, then kiss her. Give her a lots of excitement, fireworks.